Monday, June 25, 2012

New Band, New Heights!

With the successful venture into highlighting social media talents with Wong Fu Productions last February,  M.E Malaysia is planning to bring a new American band that is also known as the rock stars of New Media, New Heights to Malaysia!

New Heights is an independent band from Federal Way, WA (USA). The established band, made of lead vocal Travis Graham, guitarist Chris Kwak, guitarist Park Kiyung, bassist Tyler Carroll, and drummer Bobby Walker, has released three independent studio EP’s to their credit, and their first full-length album, “Something to Believe In” was released on September 2011. Their first single “Peaches” gained fame when it was featured in a short film titled “Love Language” by the Jubilee Project. The film gained attention when it was released virally and this led to many different variations by other filmmakers, all featuring the track by New Heights. All together, the “Love Language” inspired videos featuring “Peaches” has over 8,000,000 views on YouTube.
Check out these links!
Excited to have New Heights performing in Malaysia this coming July?

Thursday, June 14, 2012


If you guys haven’t heard about it; the Selangorlicious Food Blogging Competition is back! This is organized by Tourism Selangor to boost publicity of great food haunts in Selangor. It’s okay if you do not own a blog because now, it’s open to non-bloggers too!

Attractive cash prizes await, including RM5000 for 1st prize, RM3000 for 2nd prize and RM1500 for 3rd prize, fret not! There are also weekly prizes up for grabs for weekly best write ups. All you need to do is recommend an eatery with 200-400 words in length, accompanied by 10 photos of the food trip and submit them to

Contest starts tomorrow, so polish your camera lens and refuel your car! It will end on the 15th July so you haven’t much time to lose!

P.S. Participants can submit multiple entries under different guises. So be creative and have fun! :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Things that should make you feel happy!

Yes, if you’re always feeling gloomy and sad, it’s time to change your life! Start to look in detail onto the things in life that are meant to make all of us happy. THEY EXIST FOR A REASON!

What’s that? No idea what are those small little things? It’s time for me to enlighten you. J

Imagine this. You are given piles and piles of assignments from your one week worth of classes and you feel like you’re about to explode. Sleep won’t help. Why? Because when you fall asleep, no elves are going to come out to finish your assignments for you! Elves only fix shoes, not assignments. So, stop daydreaming young cobbler.

The only way you can finish those assignments is to finish it with comfort. Yes, it’s true. Do it with comfort and it’ll be done before this sentence finis---

See what I mean?


Picture Credit : G-Riluv

A soothing cup of hot chocolate with baby marshmallows! I would crave for these any day, to be able to sip on it and bite into those chewy marshmallows when all my “work” stress collects in me.


No, not that beetle!!


Yes, such legends. J It’s always comforting to do work while chilling to their music especially the songs ‘Let It Be’ and ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’. Get up and dance to their songs when you feel tiredness dooming into your bodies. There’s nothing a Beatle can’t handle. ;)



A good massage.

Yes, nothing like a good, relaxing massage to ease those tense shoulder muscles. Get a friend (or your mum) to rub into that stiff neck of yours! It can be from as short as 1 minute to a nice 10 minutes. But I seriously doubt your friend will be willing to be your masseuse for as long as 10 minutes.

Unless you pay them. Hohoho.

Okay, but the main thing is one should ALWAYS enjoy life! It’s sad to see how everyone is so focused on getting their work done while missing out on little things of life.

Other few examples, 

1.      The paper scent of a new book.
2.      The ice cold feeling when your tongue touches ice-cream.
3.      The first gulp of water after a 5 kilometer run.

…and the list goes on. Make your own list and you’ll realize that life is so much more worth appreciating. That is all for today’s post!


DIY Rainbow Jeans :D

Found this cute little DIY vid and thought of sharing it with you guys! :D

Isn't it fun and sunny? Perfect for a HOT HOT HOT day!

Don't waste money on new clothes, alter old ones! Give that poor wallet a break!