Monday, October 31, 2011

Everybody Loves Prizes!

One, two,
Movie with the crew,
Three, four,
Sat on the floor,
Five, six,
Ate drumsticks,
Seven, eight,
We were late,
Nine, ten,
Never again!

(So I may not be the best poet in town but I can rhyme! =D)

Do better and rhyme your way through to win an EXCLUSIVE Prize-Pack of goodies from the movie "What's Your Number?" 

How to win:
- Simply write in the comments section below; a sentence, OR a headline, OR a short story, OR a short poem, OR anything that comes to mind with these words in it - 'number' - 'twenty' - 'morning' - 'Darling'

The Most Interesting/Creative/Witty entry (1) will win this awesome Prize-Pack as shown in the picture below!

Exclusive Prize-Pack teaser photo
Because it's almost year-end and we encourage the spirit of giving, MYC! will reward the next four (4) contestant runner-ups with a Dri-Fit Shirt each, from the movie "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night"!

Dri-fit Shirt teaser photo

Contest ends this Friday 4 November 2011 at 10.00am!

Get those creative juice flowing! You wouldn't want to let this one go!

*Kindly provide your email address with your entry. You just might be one of our lucky winners!

- Good luck! -

Friday, October 28, 2011

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

In keeping up with the blog's (October) Halloween tradition (or the lack thereof), let's talk about witches  :)

Smack yourself on the head if you think I'm talking about the green-skinned, crooked-nosed, wart-faced, children-eating figure from your worst nightmares! No, silly, I'm talking about the modern know, like those on TV? Young, sexy and obsessed with clothes, shoes, hair and by all means narcissistic at best, they no longer eat naughty little children for supper but are totally in sync with the modern world. Take a look at the more well-known witches (and warlocks) who had graced our TV screens in the past.

From l-r: Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, Paige Matthews. Picture from here
The Charmed Ones (from Charmed) - Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a picture of these witchy ladies that's...erm, appropriate? The Charmed sisters are (originally!) Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, known collectively as the Charmed Ones. When Prue is killed in the third season, she is replaced with Paige Matthews, their newly-discovered half-sister. Together, they fight demons, warlocks and evil beings that come their heels and the skimpiest outfits, like, ever.

Picture taken from here
Dark Willow (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - A major turn-around from the sweet, red-headed Willow Rosenberg that we all know and love, Dark Willow is dark-haired, black-eyed, vein-y and scary. And mean. Oh, and did I mention she happens to dress like the female version of Neo (from The Matrix)? Precipitated by the death of her lover Tara Maclay, Dark Willow is focused on taking revenge by going after the men (boys?) that had killed Tara. Having the ability to destroy the world, she is one witch you definitely do not want to mess with.

Picture taken from here
Bonnie Bennett (from The Vampire Diaries) - Don't be fooled by this lass's simple high-school-girl appearance, for she is one witch you don't want to find yourself at odds with. One of Elena Gilbert's best friends, she learns that she is the descendant of a powerful line of witches at the beginning of the first season. Seasons two and three see her growing confidence in her powers. Despite her hatred for vampires, she has come through to help Elena save the Salvatore brothers time and again and is proven to be a powerful ally.

Picture taken from here
Sabrina Spellman (from Sabrina the Teenage Witch) - A half mortal, half witch, Sabrina lives with her two aunts, Hilda and Zelda Spellman and their black cat Salem, originally a warlock who was turned into a household pet as a punishment for attempting worldwide domination. The series follows Sabrina as she navigates through hell high school while concealing the fact that she is a witch from her friends and fellow students, using her powers to either help others or try to deal with the everyday trials of being a teenager.

Picture taken from here
The Sons of Ipswich (from The Covenant) - Pretty faces galore! Reid, Tyler, Caleb and Pogue are known as the (hottest) baddest boys on campus at Spenser Academy and are thus allowed free reign (the thing is, being in "        Academy" usually means that your parents are loaded and you can thus do as you please). Unbeknownst to the others, the quartet also hold a 300-year-old family secret: they are warlocks - teenage descendants of a seventeenth century coven of witches. If you're wondering...YES, that's Chace Crawford (second from left) in his pre-Gossip Girl days.

Picture taken from here
Coven from The Craft - Have you ever wondered about the consequences of meddling with witchcraft? Well, you only  have to look to this movie! It's about a new girl (and natural witch) who befriends a group of Wiccan-wannabes. Naturally, when things get too far and the coven becomes hungry for more power, New Girl wants to leave but fails to do so. A witchy tale of good magic vs. bad magic, this is definitely one of the best movies that came out of the '90s.

So there you go: witches (and a too-pretty-for-my-taste coven of warlocks)!
But you get my point - who says witches have to be ugly?
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who's Who?

So Halloween falls on a weekday this year but there's no stopping to the celebration parties! It's just two days away from the weekend parties and you're experiencing a creative block on costume ideas. The clock is ticking and you might just give in to angel wings, devil horns, witch hats, and bunny ears.

Try something different this year! You could just...

Be the Queen of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland! You would just win Best Dressed if you could get your head to be THAT huge!

Get your friends to form a SWAT TEAM together and have everyone's hands up in the air at the party!

Have different SWAT TEAMS there! Here's an idea, dash in to the party with style as shown in the picture below!

Be Geisha! Or maybe the 'Umbrella Ghost'! Or a freaky-looking Opera Singer!

How about pairing up to be Adam and Eve? But do put on some skin-coloured clothing underneath the leaves...

Marilyn Monroe, perhaps? For a little bit of sexy flaunting (and air) !

Everybody loves McDonald's! Bring some french fries while you're at it!

Now just hold up for a sec! Not one but three Colonel Sanders? 

Girls, you could be the irresistible mouth-watering hamburger! 

A tribute to none other than Steve Jobs! Be an iPhone!

Be Professor Snape! You're sure to get the 'Guardians of the Door' trembling!

Being such close friends, you're like "family"! Go as The Addams Family! Your tallest friend could be Lurch, and if you have a friend who is bald, Uncle Fester!

With a group of 11 friends you could form a football team!

With a larger group of friends, make it a smurf-fest and go blue!

For the comical ones, try The Three Stooges - Curly, Larry, and Moe!

Last but not least, for the beautiful both inside-out babes, Miss Universe! (Or Miss Halloween 2011!)

Now that you've got some ideas rolling, have fun whipping up your costume and enjoy a great Halloween weekend!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Be Spooked At ZOUK CLUB KL This Halloween!

Listen up all you angels, demons, wizards, goblins, witches, (etc!) of this Halloween!

Are you ready to be spooked?

This Halloween, experience THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE HALLOWEEN at ZOUK CLUB KL with the living dead and all beings and creatures of the night!

MYC! cordially invites you to this spine tingling spooky time and is giving out FIVE (5) EXCLUSIVE ENTRY PASSES to FIVE (5) creative creatures who would 'kill to win'!

How To Win:
1) Take a photo of anything that relates to Halloween.
2) Submit the photo onto our MYC! Facebook page!
3) Include your - Name, NRIC & Email Address. (Type it at the photo caption space)
4) The 5 Most Interesting Photos will win! ...It's that simple!

Contest Details:
- Contest ends on the 28th of October 2011 (Friday) at 12.00 noon sharp. 
- STRICTLY applicable for those aged 21 years old and above only. (Sorry guys, CLUB RULES APPLY!) 

Event & Entry Passes Details:
- Date: 29 October 2011, Saturday.
- Venue: Zouk Club, Kuala Lumpur.
- Party Time: Doors open at 9.00pm til late.
- Contest Winners are to enter with original entry pass BEFORE 1.00am!
- Each Entry Pass admits ONE (1) Contest Winner + ONE (1) Guest, with original entry pass presented to the Guardians of The Door at the entrance.
- Dresscode: Full Halloween costume is optional! But it's Halloween, be a good sport! *Club rules apply!

Let the blood-oozing creative juice flow out now!

*Exclusive entry passes are courtesy from Zouk Club KL and Zlwin Chew, Zouk's Resident Magician.

Mmmm.... Muruku!

We at MYC! would like to wish all Hindu friends a very Happy Deepavali! 

And to everyone else, Happy Holiday! 
Be safe on the road!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Time Management 101

Ever wished that there were more than 24 hours in a day? Don't worry, we all do.
But you know that's not possible, right? Hence, the next best thing - making do with what we have. So how do you make your 24 hours work for you? Well, MYC! offers you some of the best tips on how to make your time worthwhile.

Picture taken from here
  • Do not procrastinate - Admit it, we ALL procrastinate. We delay what ought to be done, save it for another day and whaddaya know! By the end of the month all you get is one stinkin' pile of work. So what can you do? Start with small, generally-uninteresting things and work your way up to the bigger, more exciting projects! Avoid being unnecessarily overwhelmed by the time deadlines roll in.

Picture taken from here
  • Deadlines - Every working girl/guy's least favourite word. In relation to my first point, the trick to making your hours count is to set deadlines (only realistic ones, please!). This is to ensure that you get what you need to do for the day done and not drag your feet. Make a checklist of what you need to do for the day. Being organised and systematic every once in a while does not hurt.

Picture taken from here
  • Limiting your talk-time - I know you love your friends and cannot wait to catch up with them to tell them all about what happened over the weekend, but learn to limit your talk-time...or rather, learn to talk with full-stops. Socialising with your colleagues is good, but rambling on and on and getting no work done has its own consequences.

Picture taken from here
  • Cut down on your FB-ing - Even the simplest things like watching a five-minute video or looking through a friend's new photo album and cooing over his/her new puppy can take up lots of your time, and before you know it, you've spent hours clicking on interesting stuff...hence bad time management.

Are you one of the Winners? [In Time]

Hey Guys! Here comes the time MYC! is going to announce the winners of "In Time" in-season movie passes!

Are you ready for the result?

The 10 Awesome Winners are:
1. Shiau Ling
2. Nuyu
3. Telry
4. Anuradha Raghu
5. Guan Yi
7. Elaine Loh
8. Wei Liam
9. Navin Vijayan
10. Jocelyn

Each Winner:
- Wins ONE (1) pair of 
in-season movie passes.
- Are to EMAIL his/her contact details (Name, Contact number, Address) to: 
[Latest by 28.10.2011: Friday 5.00pm!]

Congratulations and thanks for taking part in the competition! :D

Friday, October 21, 2011

Foodie Friday For Four!

Food lovers out there!

Not only is it a Friday but it's a Foodie Friday for us here at MYC! We're excited to review *top secret* for our November 2011 issue! Keep your eyes and appetite open as we reveal to you a unique menu under the roof of an interesting restaurant with a concept like no other in town! So stay tuned and remember to grab your copy of MYC! News Magazine this coming November!

Mmmm.... omnomnomnom, signing off!


Picture taken from here

Studies have shown that bursts of colours can cheer you up.
So cheer up already, folks!
It's a brand new day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


For most students, at this very moment, you'd either be very stressed with last minute college assignments or very stressed preparing for the upcoming exams. No, don't fret, this is not a how-to-survive-studying/prepping-for-exams-without-killing-yourself post.

Let's talk about plans that lie beyond the exam halls instead.
Remember the exhilarating feeling you get just as soon as you've handed in the last of your exam script? Yes, let's just focus on that feeling of giddy joy and relief. Are you one of those who has no idea what to do during a three-month summer break (aside from working and earning extra money to buy more clothes/shoes/make-up)? Here are some suggestions:

Photo taken from here
  • Go on an expensive extensive holiday. Alone, with nobody to bug you but the sand in your eyes and the sun on your skin. Who says beach holidays need to be expensive? Local beaches should do the trick. Bring a book, your favourite pair of sunnies and lots of sunblock or tanning oil. Oh, did I mention that no means of communicating with the outside world is allowed?

Picture taken from here
  • It is everybody's...or rather my own, dream to visit Brazil one day. I've read extensively about the Amazon Rainforest. I've also read that they have mosquitoes the size of your bloody palm. No kidding. Donating blood would be the right thing to do for the mozzies, no? But daydreaming aside, why bother going for an exotic holiday when you have rainforests in your own country? Do the necessary arrangements, drag a few friends along and go see some animals/trees.

Picture taken from here
  • Remember those staggering piles of novels that you have at the corner of the room, all of them waiting to be read? Challenge yourself a little, see how fast you could finish reading a book (and yes, that means page by page, not every alternate page *rolls eyes*)
The point is, why worry about your impending doom exam results when time is so much better spent on doing something you actually enjoy, right? So have fun while you still can, yes?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Missing person. If found, please contact...errr, I dunno.
I saw this on campus a year back and couldn't stop giggling/snickering/snorting. There are like, a dozen or more posters stuck to the walls on campus. It's a good laugh, and despite the gloominess of the afternoon, enjoy the rest of the day!

P/S: Do take a closer look at the strips of writing at the bottom of the page.

Monday, October 17, 2011

MYC! Movies! Awesome!

Happy Monday MYC!  Readers!

This week, MYC! Movies! Awesome! is giving away 10 pairs of  "In Time" in-season movie passes - a Sci-Fi movie featuring beautiful people such as Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde, Matthew Bomer, Cillian Murphy and Amanda Seyfried.

And no, that's not green blood oozing from Justin's hand.

All you have to do, is tell us (in the comments section) what would you do if you only have 1 hour left to live!
Make sure your answers are interesting, yet still PG-13 yea!

Contest ends 21th October, 2011 - 6pm. So make sure your entries are..

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shoe Fetish

Like it or not, art, ladies and gentlemen, plays a huge part in our lives. No, I'm not talking merely about designing clothes for scrawny models to wear as they strut their stuff on the catwalk or dotting your painted fingernails with flower patterns and diamante or splurging your hard-earned cash on tattoos that stretch from your face to the tip of your toes.

Consider for a moment the idea of wearing art on your feet. 

Freaky art.

Picture taken from here
Smell something fishy? Nah, those are just flip-flops. Creative but disgusting flip-flops. Imagine going to a wet market in those babies. Gulps.

Picture taken from here
I can't really make up my mind what are those colourful things wrapped around the spiked bit of the heels, but it sure looks like satin roses to me. And you know, as weird as it might look, I kinda like these!

Photo taken from here
O-kay. Now this is the epitome of all things creepy. It freaks me out a little - imagine someone in the park jogging past you in shoes like these.

Photo taken from here
Slides! The design is ingenious and I especially like the colour coordination, although how someone could wear something like that and not fall down and break their necks is beyond me.

Picture taken from here
Like there's not enough rats occupying the drains and sewers, they need to have shoes the shapes of rats as well. Most people I know wouldn't even want to be associated with a rat, let alone wear one. Ew.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let's Go To The Movies!

So, we all love movies that's one thing we know for sure! But did you know that there are more things to do in the movie hall other than to 'watch the movie'? Here are some ideas you may enjoy attempting, but just ensure that you have all your belongings, and bones intact, before leaving the cinema! *GRIN*

1. Randomly eat the popcorn from the person sitting next to you when he/she is focused on the movie!

2. Play 'Hide & Seek' or 'Peek-a-boo' with the random person sitting in front of you! - Tap his/her shoulder then quickly hide behind his/her seat.

3. Start a Mexican Wave before the movie begins! - Or when the Good Guy defeats the Bad Guy in the movie.

4. If the trailers bore you, get up and start running up and down the stairs making airplane or UFO noises!

5. During a Horror movie, stare at the person sitting next to you for a LONG time! - Or gently touch the shoulder of the person sitting in front of you! - Or shout "AAHH!!!!" just before 'the scare' happens, you know that moment when everyone's anxious and anticipating it.

6. Bring your friend to watch a movie on his/her birthday, then spontaneously get the whole cinema to sing the Happy Birthday song to him/her.

7. Do a marriage proposal before the movie begins! - Especially if it is a romantic movie because patrons in that hall are suckers for romance, and the both of you could just be their real-life romantic episode!

8. Do an awkward moan every now and then during the movie to generate curiosity!

9. If you are the first one to make your way out of the cinema hall when the movie ends, stop and stand at the exit door and say "Thank you, please come again!" to everyone as they leave.

10. Sit along the stairs and watch the movie, if you just feel like it!

11. If a catchy tune comes on, stand up, start dancing, wave your hands and sing "Put your hands up, p-p-p-put your hands up!"

12. If there is an underage kid/person sitting in front of you, lean forward and cover his/her eyes when an obscene/love scene comes on.

13. Halfway through the movie, stand up and stretch your arms!

14. During a Horror/Thriller/Action movie, yell out "DON'T GO THERE!!!!" when needed to.

15. Gasp loudly at every swear word you hear.

Disclaimer: By no means do we encourage dear movie fans to attempt these hilarious acts! But this, is one that you CAN "try this at home"! =D 


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Things to Do This Halloween

I know this is Malaysia, and that the effects of Halloween have been diluted to merely dressing up and going to a Halloween party. But hey, we take whatever we can get, no? Ergo, in the spirit of Halloween, I present to you...

Note of caution: If you're easily spooked or just feel plain uneasy reading about stuff like this, I suggest you skip this entry. Go to the more entertaining ones about movies, etc.

5 Things to Do This Halloween

Picture from here
Take a haunted tour - Follow a couple of 'ghost hunters' through two local tours of places with paranormal activity. Even if the howling bridge turns out to be the work of a homeless dog, this is guaranteed to creep you out loads.

Picture taken here
Build your own costume - Who says you need to splurge hundreds on a Halloween costume that you wear only once a year or even waste money renting one? Try making your own instead. What you need: lots of white cloth.

Picture from here
Horror movie marathon - What better way to spend your Halloween night than to throw a Halloween movie marathon to scare yourself silly? Only classics are advised - none of those silly ones like The Saw saga or even Scary Movie.

Picture from here
Frighten the neighbours - Go all out and frighten your neighbours with your decorating skills! Spooky back music, mysterious lights and creepy props (think glowing skeletons, plastic spiders, etc) usually work best. Killing your plants to give your house the dead-lawn look helps too!

Picture from here
Telling ghost stories - Overseas, we use to do this in the graveyard, but come to think of it, this wouldn't be advisable in Malaysia. So, why not just do it indoors? Switch off the lights, draw the curtains, light a few candles and you're set to go.

So there you go. Note, however - these are only suggestions; I claim no responsibilities for dead lawns and what-nots come Halloween night. Now if only we have pumpkins (no, I don't mean those puny greenish, oddly-shaped ones - some of those big, orange ones would be nice).