Saturday, July 30, 2011

How My Heels Killed Me

This post should simply be 'Heels', but I couldn't resist, considering my, uh, minor 'misunderstanding' with my own heels yesterday. I got these two-inch cream coloured heels from Charles & Keith. They aren't new, mind you, but this didn't stop them from giving me hell...on the day I was supposed to attend my first meeting with a client, together with two of my other colleagues.

What I got was worse than blisters - I ended up getting a whole chunk of my skin at the back of my left ankle scraped off (approximately the size of two fifty-cent coins), and it's not funny when you couldn't even walk properly soon after.

Anyway, enough about my shoes' Ted Bundy-like* qualities.

Ladies, take note: heels are the greatest ever creation right next to crème brûlée and black eyeliner (just to make a comparison), but whether or not they are worth all the pain...the verdict is still out there.

The Do's and Don'ts of High Heels
  • Don't wear heels that are too high - anybody who isn't Lady Gaga shouldn't attempt to defy gravity. Consequences might be dire, although who could possibly forget those gorgeous Alexander McQueen 10-inch stilettos Her Highness the Queen of Kooky Fashion wore in her 'Bad Romance' video?

                                                  Photo taken from here

  • A lesson in standing - for those of you who are used to wearing flats, it might be a good idea to take time to just stand in your heels to get the hang of it (works better with a full-length mirror). Then, turn side to side, try to get accustomed to the difference in balance and height. 
  • Practice makes perfect - this should be every girl's mantra: practice, practice, practice. If you haven't worn high heels before, or you're already a pro, this might sound silly, but you'll understand what I mean if/when you put them on for the first time: it's a whole new experience. So walk back and forth, side to side just to get a hang of it before venturing outside the house.
  • Balance - we know that the chunkier the heel the better balance we'll have. So, if you're a beginner, consider starting out with chunkier heels as opposed to stilettos. Give yourself time to adjust to the height/weight difference.
                        Photo of chunky heels from here, stilettos from here

  • Walking in heels - this, again, might sound silly, but not many people know how to really walk in heels, especially if you're a newbie. Remember to keep your legs straight and as close together as possible. Start with baby steps until you gain confidence to lengthen your strides.
* Ted Bundy was an American serial killer, if you must know.

Friday, July 29, 2011


While flipping through past issues of myc! magazines, I was attracted to one issue's centerfold (July 2005): McDonalds' True Colours Bands. Each colour represents a different attitude, which allows us to express ourselves in various different ways.

                                                  photo taken from here

So, that got me thinking about writing an entry about colours  :)

There is no avoiding colour. Plain ones like black and white, bold ones like red and orange, dull ones like cream or lilac, the painful-to-your-eye ones like neon green or glaring yellow, each colour is used to make a statement, but do you know what sort of statement that is?

Black: Apart from the fact that wearing black makes you look slimmer *rolls eyes*, most cultures associate black with death and mourning. However,black is also the colour of power and authority, and there is no doubt that despite the negative connotations associated with this colour, it is indeed elegant and stylish.

White: The colour of purity and innocence, white is the traditional colour for brides. White goes with almost anything and is often used in decorations. However, in some cultures, white is also the colour of mourning (China, Japan).

Purple: Feminine and classy, purple connotes sophistication and wealth and is also the colour of royalty. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra loved purple. In Thailand, it is said that the colour is worn by a widow to mourn her husband's death.

Pink: The colour is generally associated with femininity and girls. It also symbolizes love and romance, playfulness and tenderness. Pink becomes sophisticated when combined with colours like black and grey.

Blue: The colour of the sea and the sky, blue is a popular colour that projects calm and relaxation, happiness and optimism. Fashion consultants recommended wearing blue to job interviews as the colour symbolizes loyalty.

Green: In ancient Greece, green is the colour of victory. Fresh and cool, green is the colour of fresh beginnings and new life. Studies have shown that people whose favourite colour is green are often frank, affectionate and loyal.

Red: The colour of love, joy and bravery. Red clothing lets people get noticed; people who wear red are often energetic and optimistic individuals who enjoy being in the spotlight. However, studies also claim that wearing red makes the wearer look heavier. Interesting trivia - red is the colour most often found on national flags.

Yellow: Known as the sunniest colour in the spectrum, the colour yellow is associated with happiness and joy. Studies show that those who love yellow are often creative and artistic people with dramatic imagination. Interesting trivia - in 10th century France, the doors of criminals are painted yellow and the colour is associated with deceit and jealousy.

Generally, though, each colour is often used to its own best advantage, be it in terms of decoration, clothing or personal preferences. So, each colour does tell you something about the wearer, or about the item itself.

P/S: Speaking of colours, I had a very pink drink during lunch yesterday. If each colour tells you something and connotes a certain attitude, what do you think the drink is saying? *winks*

                   My sissy drink  :)


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Of Vampires and Hunks

The introduction of Count Orlok in FW Murnau's 1921 silent movie Nosferatu has given the earlier impression of vampires as vile, ugly and bloodthirsty creatures. However, since then, fans of the vampire genre have been treated to a deluge of eye-candy vampires. Think Edward Cullen (of the Twilight Saga fame) and Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire).

Photo of Count Orlok taken from here, and photo of Edward Cullen taken from here.

Well, there is no shame in admitting that you watch vampire-themed TV shows to drool at those hot, hunky vamps, is there?
Films aside, here's my top 5 vampire-themed TV series of all times:

5. True Blood - Created by the one and the only Alan Ball (HBO's Six Feet UnderAmerican Beauty). Set in the fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, the story centers around our heroine, Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress at Merlotte's and her entanglement with the undead, namely her broody vampire (ex) love Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and the yummylicious Nordic hunk Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard).

                                                 Photo taken from here

4. Blood Ties - Kyle Schmid plays Henry Fitzroy, supposedly the illegitimate son of Henry VIII of England. He's a graphic artist who lives a secluded life until he meets Vicki Nelson, a private detective. He possesses centuries' worth of knowledge and experience in the supernatural/occult and ends up being Vicki's bodyguard/partner.

                                                   Photo taken from here

3. AngelStarring David Boreanaz (TV's Bones) in the title role, Angel is a vampire whose soul is returned by the Gypsies after his brutal murder of one of their own. Tormented by his guilt and remorse, he packs up and heads to Los Angeles, California and heads Angel Investigations to help the helpless, which consist of people with demonic/supernatural problems.

                                                  Photo taken from here

2. Moonlight - Yet another vampire/private investigator, Mick St.  John is unlike any other vampires - he doesn't hunt women, children or innocents. Despite knowing that a relationship with a mortal is inevitable, he falls in love with an internet reporter, Beth Turner. FYI, Mick St. John is played by the hunkalicious Alex O'Laughlin (from TV's Hawaii Five-0).

                                                 Photo taken from here

1. Buffy the Vampire SlayerOK, call me biased, BtVS is in my number one spot not because of the hunks but because this writer has shaved several decades off her life by writing her thesis on this popular TV show created by Joss Whedon (AngelFirefly). The heroine is Buffy Summers, the latest in the line of Slayers, women mystically chosen to defend the world against vampires and demons and other uglies. Besides Angel (yes, he originates from here), there's also Spike (James Marsters), and although nowhere near vampiric, watch out also for Riley Finn (Marc Blucas) in seasons four to six.

                                                  Photo taken from here

That said, have a good day  :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Next to Justin Bieber, getting a tattoo seems to be on almost every adolescent's mind these days, but how many of you actually know how to take care of your spankin'-new tattoo?

I, for one, always believe that you should NEVER get a tattoo without doing your homework on tattoo after-care. 

Getting a tattoo is a BIG deal, I tell you: BIG. When you present your artwork to the tattooist, you should know your tattoo care like the back of your palm. So, four tattoos later, here's my interpretation of what tattoo care should be like:

  1. Hands off - I know you've just got a butterfly inked to your shoulder and it's probably so pretty you just cannot wait to show it off, but the tattooist covered up your tattoo for a reason: to keep air-borne bacteria from invading your wound. So yes, leave that bandage alone.
  2. Wash - Use lots of warm water and mild anti-bacterial soap the first time around. Avoid using anything abrasive like a washcloth. This is the time you should make use of your fingers. 
  3. Apply ointment - Now isn't the best time to be scrimping on a good antibacterial ointment: tattooist would recommend the original Rosken skin repair, but the scabbing appeared terrible and lasted for days. When I got my next tattoo done, he recommended Bepanthen, and it didn't even peel or scab.
  4. The itch - smack lightly with the tip of your finger if the itch becomes unbearable. Don't scratch or peel or do whatever it is you do that would abrade the surface of the tattoo for fear of infection or getting an unintentionally two-toned tattoo.
  5. No hot tubs, no chlorine-infested pools, no shaving over the surface of the tattoo until it's completely healed, no sunblock or exposure to direct sunlight. Oh, and none of those artificial tanning beds either.
So, yes, getting a tattoo done without doing your homework is like hooking up with a guy and not knowing that he's an ax murderer who intends to bury you in a shallow grave after he's done with you: A GRAVE MISTAKE (pun intended).

Good luck, and I'm looking forward to hearing YOUR version of tattoo care  :)

P/S: Just FYI, here's what Bepanthen looks like:

Photo taken from here

Monday, July 25, 2011

THE HANGOVER PART II Screening Passes to be Won!

Photo taken from here.

Hey Guys !!! MYC has 5 pairs Preview Screening tickets to watch The Hangover Part II tomorrow (26th July 2011), 9.00 pm at TGV Sunway Pyramid.

Tell us why you deserve these tickets!

We will choose 5 lucky winners based on the most interesting comment.

Contest ends: 26th July, 2011, 3pm. Good luck !!!

*Steps to enter the contest:
1. Type your comment in the text box.
2. Comment as Name/URL.
3. Insert Facebook URL.
4. Submit your entry.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


So this is the Facebook and twitter era..

Recently I asked someone what is their favorite book and the answer he/she gave me was : 

"FACEBOOK" that is my favorite book.

And I was like " LOL" and "ROTFLMAO"

Ever since the existence of Facebook, Twitter and SMS, we've created a lot and I mean a lot of new acronyms and abbreviations. Such as LOL..BRB..and I guess you are one of those Facebook addicts and you understand what those acronym means. 

So here I've compiled some of the best acronyms around the internet and sms world. Enjoy =D

Laugh out loud: something you or someone else said that you find funny

Bye bye or baby. Used to end a conversation or sweet call someone.

Rolling on floor laughing my arse off; Used when you found something really funny.

 F*** the world. Used to express your anger and dissatisfaction. Scolding the world F*** !!!!

F*** my life. Used to express anger discontentment in life. 

K Thanks, Bye . Used to express understanding and to end conversation.

Oh my god/goodness or Oh my F***ing god/goodness

(I don't to explain this) =D its the most famous acronym.

Good game or Game Gone. Used when playing games and indicating the end of a game

IMY/ ILY / XOXO/ <3 ....
Expression of loves. I MISS YOU, I LOVE YOU, KISSES and LOVE..if you can't see or can't seem to understand why its that way..I cant help you cause I have difficulties understanding them as well. LOL

Alright that should explain some of the simple abbreviations and also some acronyms that we'll find in the net these days.

EYD !!! = ENJOY YOUR DAY ( this acronym does not exist ) 

Take care. HFN !!! ( HAVE FUN NOW) ...LoL =.=

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Much Do You Spend to OmNomNom A Day?

How much do you spend on food a day?

Let’s see:
Roti Canai + Teh Tarik breakfast = RM 3
Economy Rice + Suet Cha (Iced Chinese Tea) = RM 5
Typical-Stuff-Malaysians-Eat-For-Dinner = RM 6 (Free if mommy cooks!)

Mommy cooks!
- source
It’s about RM 15 – not including in-between snacks, and gourmet bubble tea -  a day.

What if i challenged you to live only on RM 6 (USD$2) worth of food a day, for an entire week?

Sorry, couldn't find a RM 6 note.

Before you dismiss that as being insane, did you know that over 2.7 billion people across the globe are forced to live on a meagre income of less than RM 6 a day? And that is for all their expenses apart from food such as water, clothes and lodging. What better way for you to experience what these poverty stricken people undergo than trying this challenge out?

Other than raising poverty awareness, the $2 dollar a day challenge seeks to encourage people to take a more proactivce approach as to what they eat, instead of blindly exchanging cash for omnomnoms. With such a meager limit, you would actually have to scrutinize each purchase you make and take into serious consideration aspects such as:
  • ·         Are the nutrients sufficient?
  • ·         Is it filling, yet healthy at the same time?
  • ·         Does it taste like cardboard?
  •              Is there anything apart from instant noodles?
  • ·         Why on earth did i take this challenge up? (only applicable after Day 2 of the challenge)

For you savy readers who are keen in taking up the challenge, here’s a tip: home cooked food. We all know that buying ingredients and cooking them at home is (most of the time) cheaper than eating out. As such, i’d suggest for you to spend your entire week’s quota (RM 6 x 7 = RM 42) to purchase freshies and cook yourself meal boxes! Pastas, rice and bread dishes are some the easy-to-cook, quick and tasty dishes you could consider.

mmmm. Stew
- source
OR you could just be really lazy and make a huge pot of stew/soup and eat only that for a week.

Do tell us your opinion on the $2 dollar challenge: would you try it out? or for those who ALREADY tried it, how was it? (did you lose weight?)


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bersih 2.0 , was it right ? or was it wrong ?

Now that Bersih 2.0 is is time for feedbacks.

I’ll briefly explain what the Bersih 2.0 rally is, and the purpose and reason behind this rally.


The Bersih 2.0 rally, also known as the Walk for Democracy is a rally organised to fight for clean and fair elections.

However, this rally was deemed illegal by the government.

Bersih, was led by former president of the Bar Council Ambiga Sreenevasan and she was pushing the Election Commission of Malaysia to ensure free and fair elections in Malaysia.

Ambiga’s demands was:
1) Election Commission to clean up the electoral roll,
2) Reform postal voting,
3) Use indelible ink,
4) Introduce a minimum 21-day campaign period,
5) Allow all parties free access to the media,
6) Put an end to electoral fraud and dirty politics

Ambiga's demand were rejected and this prompted her to lead the rally to fight for the people's right.

The police said that public gatherings without police permits are illegal and they vowed to prevent the rally from happening.

Regardless of police warnings, the rally still took its place on the 9th of July 2011. 

I have to admit. It was a chaos.

Roads were blocked, tear gas was released, water cannon are being sprayed, policemen being too aggressive, over thousands arrested, some had minor injuries and someone passed away.

So what do you think about Bersih 2.0?? Are you with it or are you against it?

I have to admit, I am totally supporting the cause, which is to fight for clean and fair elections.

I am neither a supporter of the government nor the opposition but I felt that something needs to be done in order to make Malaysia a better place and a corruption free country.

For some reason’s the BERSIH 2.0 rally proved to us that we as Malaysian’s can stand undivided amongst each other when it matters most. 

It certainly showed us that there was no racism and there was no culture, religion dividing us. We were standing proud as MALAYSIANS, not Malays, Chinese or Indians.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Women in White

Quickly name me a type of material you'd guess this wedding gown is made from: 

Silk? Satin? Nylon? Cotton? 

What  if i told you the entire (well, mostly) outfit was made from toilet paper?

Yes - the same paper that you used to dry your hands after washing them, the same paper that you use to wipe the unmentionables after the biologically necessary.

The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest celebrates creativity and resourcefulness by getting  participants to put together a wedding dress made from toilet paper. In its 7th edition now, this annual contest offers (literal) cash prizes for the most beautiful creation, judged on criteria such as: beauty, creativity, originality and the use of toilet paper.

"Bah, it's a walk in the park. How hard can it be to make a dress out of toilet paper?" 

2011 1st Prize Winner - Susan Brennan (who walked away with USD$1,000.00)

4 rolls of TP + hot glue + tape + flowers, feathers, pleats

2nd Prize Winner - Laura Lee (now USD$500.00 richer)

5 rolls of TP + duct tape + first aid tape + spray adhesive

3rd Prize Winner - Cynthia Richards (pocketing USD$250.00)

20(!) rolls of TP + duct tape + lots of different glues

Oh, and if you were thinking it's probably  contest with only 3 entries - Cheap-Chic-Weddings (the contest sponsor) recorded almost 1000 different dress entries! 
Who needs a USD$20,000.00 Vera Wang creation when you can have any of these to adorn you on your wedding day.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why Guys Dump Girls They Still Like

Photo taken from here.

You might never know why a guy broke up with you - so let go of the idea that you need to know to move on.

Photo taken from here.
Reason 1: He doesn't have time.
If your partner seems to have no time for you these days, or you are both simply too busy to spend time together, it may damage your relationship. Some of the guys get so into hanging out with his new brothers that his GF doesn't fit in anymore. He liked the girl, but he wanted to party and "lepak" around with his buddies.

Reason 2: He didn't want to be apart. (She is currently about 200 miles away.)
Many people who get involved when long-distance relationships, at one point have problems dealing with the situation and distance. Normally a couple will break up after either one of them goes study abroad.

Photo taken from here.
Reason 3: He's using you!
There are bad guys who will date the girl as a stepping stone to dating her best friend! Love is something that takes time. You gotta understand he/she well before gets into a relationship.

Photo taken from here.
Reason 4: He's BROKE! 
Girlfriends are expensive. I think a lot of guys will agree with this statement. Sometimes he dates a girl who he really likes, but he was too embarrassed to tell her that he can't afford going out to dinner and movies all the time.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Creative Food Iphone4 cases

Well it looks like the Iphone craze is still going strong in Malaysia.

Iphone 4 is undoubtedly the most popular phone in the world right now and statistic shows that 1 out of 10 person owns an Iphone 4. Well maybe more than that. 

I have no idea why it is so popular but that is the fact. 

So,here we have some of the latest designs of some craziest Iphone 4 case.

Introducing the sushi theme Iphone 4 casings.

Hungry anyone??


UNAGI !!! 

Wow it looks like real food...yum yum

Feeling hungry?

Don't eat it. Its your phone

 It is not selling in Malaysia yet. Not yet.But it is just a matter of time..just a matter of time. =D

So hope you guys enjoy reading the post. Have a nice day from MYC! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hair Accessories for This Season

Girls!~ This article is totally dedicating to you! MYC! is going to introduce you to the cutest HAIR ACCESSORIES for this season! Find out the latest trend so that you can look fabulous every single minute. =)

1. Braided Headwrap
Headwrap is a simple way to jazz up your lovely mane with minimal effort yet look ultra-chic. It suits for an evening out with friends to get a sweet look. It will make you look like Pocahontas too!
Photo taken from here.
Photo taken from here.

2. Headband
By using the right hair accessories, a girl can transform from plain to a more eye catching look. Girlie bows look absolutely fabulous and match perfectly with a vintage inspired look.
Photo taken from here.
Photo taken from here.

The headbands and headwraps are cute and adorable right? Stay tune to the next post where you can find out where to get affordable head accessories!

Introducing the poopburger.. (I am not kidding)

After reading this post, you might change your perception towards burgers. We personally hope this burger will never ever reach Malaysia.

Introducing the "Poopburger" or better known as the "ShitBurger” . No I am not kidding because this is the future of the food industry.

Mitsyuki Ikeda from Japan is the mad scientist behind this crazy idea. He extracted the protein from human poop, mixed it with soya, added steak sauce and called it hamburger patties. Urghh..That is plain foul.
Ikeda with his "Poopburger"
Ikeda said he created these poop burgers in an effort to be resourceful and recycle human waste.  He also stated  that some people may have psychological aversion to eating fake meat made from poop.

Fortunately, the burgers cost 10-20 times of regular meat because of the technology used and the cost of his research. But he stated that the price will drop if there's enough demand.  He also notes that the burgers are extremely low in fat which makes it another good reason for us to try it someday. DIET Burger!!

We can laugh all we want but we waste a lot of food. Perhaps this is a pre-warning for us to be resourceful or bear the consequences of our great grandchildren eating this “Wonderful” food. =D 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You are invited to Urbanscapes 2011!!

Do you guys know about Urbanscapes 2011? It is an upcoming event held on 16th July from 12pm till 12am at Padang Astaka in PJ! What is Urbanscapes? According to Urbanscapes’ official website, Urbanscapes is the first and only all-day “user-generated” creative arts festival. Urbanscapes aims to bring together communities and participants from the fields of music, arts, lifestyle, film under a single banner to showcase the best of the local scene.

Photo taken from here.

MYC! randomly picked out some of the awesome vendors who are going to participate in Urbanscapes!
Marketplace Vendors:
1.  For Lomo-lovers >> The *Click* Shop (Malaysia)
Photo taken from here.

You will actually find a simple introduction about The Click Shop in MYC! Magazine July issue. The Click Shop is being awarded as the coolest Lomo shop and it offers the most choices of Lomo cameras in Malaysia!!!

2. If you like everything square, we bring you Square Art!
Photo taken from here 

Square Art offers mosaic kit tiles such as magnet kits, door hangers, photo frames, mosaic by numbers, coasters and many more! Have no idea on what to buy for your friends on their birthday? Square Art will be the ideal choice!

3. Looking for an unique journal? Angelicquirk Handmade Crafts is just for you!

Angelicquirk Handmade Crafts is all about the love for handmade items. It specializes in bookbinding and making handbound journals. Each journal is unique and only limited pieces of each design are made at any one time. You can guarantee that what you have is unique and one of a kind!

4. Accessories lover? We introduce to you Zikkos!
Photo taken from here.
Ladiessss, guess what? Zikkos sells unique and sweet accessories such as rings, necklaces, bangles and so on. You can always find that special something to complement your outfit at Zikkos!

1. Craving for cakes? There is The Accidental Bakers at Urbanscapes!
Photo taken from here.
You don’t need an occasion to eat cake! Besides cakes, you will find cupcakes, mini cakes and cookies too at The Accidental Bakers’s booth.

Hope you guys like the information here! Do check out Urbanscapes’ website for more information ya! 

Lets talk about Human Senses !!

There are 5 senses known to human as described by Aristotle and I assume we remember what those senses are.But just in case you had forgotten about them, here's a quick reminder for you.






But are these the only senses known to humans? Did you that there are actually more than 5 senses in a human body?  

Senses are any system that consists of a group of sensory cell types that respond to a specific physical condition and corresponds to a particular part of the the brain where the signals are received and interpreted.

Here are some senses that we don't hear often : -

Proprioception: This sense gives you the ability to tell where your body parts are.  This sense is one of the things police officers test when they pull over someone who they think is driving drunk and ask them to touch certain parts of their body.

Thermoception: The ability to sense heat and cold. Thermoceptors that exists in the brain, are used for monitoring internal body temperature.

Nociception:  The ability to sense pain. When other senses are overloaded, commonly “touch system",we would sense pain, but scientist found that it has its own unique sensory system.  There are three distinct types of pain receptors are found in the skin, bones and body organs.

Thirst:  This system allows your body to monitor its hydration level so your body knows when  you should drink.

Hunger:  This system allows your body to detect when you hungry. (bet you never knew that this was a sensory system)

So we hope we at MYC! gave you some extra information about the senses in our sensory system.

Someone once told me, of all human senses, we lack COMMON SENSE most. Perhaps its true..Hehe.. =D . Have a wonderful time all !!! Cheers!!