Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Much Do You Spend to OmNomNom A Day?

How much do you spend on food a day?

Let’s see:
Roti Canai + Teh Tarik breakfast = RM 3
Economy Rice + Suet Cha (Iced Chinese Tea) = RM 5
Typical-Stuff-Malaysians-Eat-For-Dinner = RM 6 (Free if mommy cooks!)

Mommy cooks!
- source
It’s about RM 15 – not including in-between snacks, and gourmet bubble tea -  a day.

What if i challenged you to live only on RM 6 (USD$2) worth of food a day, for an entire week?

Sorry, couldn't find a RM 6 note.

Before you dismiss that as being insane, did you know that over 2.7 billion people across the globe are forced to live on a meagre income of less than RM 6 a day? And that is for all their expenses apart from food such as water, clothes and lodging. What better way for you to experience what these poverty stricken people undergo than trying this challenge out?

Other than raising poverty awareness, the $2 dollar a day challenge seeks to encourage people to take a more proactivce approach as to what they eat, instead of blindly exchanging cash for omnomnoms. With such a meager limit, you would actually have to scrutinize each purchase you make and take into serious consideration aspects such as:
  • ·         Are the nutrients sufficient?
  • ·         Is it filling, yet healthy at the same time?
  • ·         Does it taste like cardboard?
  •              Is there anything apart from instant noodles?
  • ·         Why on earth did i take this challenge up? (only applicable after Day 2 of the challenge)

For you savy readers who are keen in taking up the challenge, here’s a tip: home cooked food. We all know that buying ingredients and cooking them at home is (most of the time) cheaper than eating out. As such, i’d suggest for you to spend your entire week’s quota (RM 6 x 7 = RM 42) to purchase freshies and cook yourself meal boxes! Pastas, rice and bread dishes are some the easy-to-cook, quick and tasty dishes you could consider.

mmmm. Stew
- source
OR you could just be really lazy and make a huge pot of stew/soup and eat only that for a week.

Do tell us your opinion on the $2 dollar challenge: would you try it out? or for those who ALREADY tried it, how was it? (did you lose weight?)


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