Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ladies, Take Caution!

With all these attempted rape/kidnap cases increasingly happening recently, we at MYC! would like to greatly stress on the importance of taking precaution measures, especially for you girls out there! This issue has come to our attention by how quick wit can actually save your life. All the single ladies, listen close!

     1. As always, try to avoid having to walk alone in the car park, be it the basement or roof top car park. It’s still quiet and a very popular spot for crime. Get a security guard close by to accompany you or hire a personal hunky escort! Better broke than dead! :)

2. If you suspect the stranger in the elevator with you reeks of criminal pheromones, turn to him, look him in the face and ask for the time or talk about the weather. He will most likely, knowing that you have seen and recognize his face, drop the idea of harassing you or just think you’re weird. Better to look silly than dead! 

    3. Let’s say you were taken off guard and the criminal has a gun or weapon but is at a safe distance, throw your handbag in the opposite direction and run in a zigzag pattern as if you’re being chased by a crocodile. He will most likely go for your belongings. Don’t worry; you can always buy another smartphone or that expensive Chanel handbag again! But not your life! 

      4. What we have learned in that recent case at the Curve, always, ALWAYS, put up a fight. Elbows and knees may come in handy. Or if you have weak bones, bite the guy! RAWR! You have the right to mutilate the attacker because this is for self-defense. If you make it difficult for them to apprehend you, they are likely to let you go because they want an easy target. Go crazy and do whatever you can to get everyone’s attention. Again, better to look silly than dead!

     5. It’s okay to lie to your captors. In worst case scenarios, you have been caught and it’s you they want. Tell them that you will be good and will not scream if they let you sit in a position where you can escape. Lie or Die!

  6. Never leave your food and drinks unattended. It takes less than a second for someone to spike your stuff. Better to be paranoid than dead! 

    In a nutshell, always be thankful that you can live another day. It’s alright to look a little crazy when you are in suspicion. Share some precaution tips with us by commenting! And remember to share this post to your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunties, grand aunties, maybe even your little baby sister.

MYC!’s Zombie Survival Guide

What would you do if zombies invaded Malaysia?!

With the recent news going viral everywhere about that crazed *face-eating* causeway cannibal in Miami which took place just this past Sunday; MYC! has taken it upon themselves to contribute to society with this probably not-so-useful zombie survival guide! Buckle up everyone!

       1. Find a weapon. (Find something!)
Be it a baseball bat with barb wires coiling around it, your dad’s power drill or that hammer which you forgot to return to your neighbour *ahem*! And oh, Tasers and pepper sprays don’t work!

2. If the background music suddenly gets very quiet, it means a super zombie will appear real soon. Time to reload at this point.

3. When you come across any crying, please don’t go near that woman? Check for bloodied claws and red eyes first. If you startled her, Run-Like-Your-Life depended on it! Literally. A Molotov cocktail will come in handy at this point.

4. Come across anyone who insists that they have not been bitten? Prepare to aim for their heads.

5. Oh and if you find any shiny old trinket, keep it. It may unlock a door/ locker/ chest somewhere.

6. Need to heal? Green herbs revive your health and blue herbs cure poison. Mix anyone of them with a red herb and voila! As good as new!

7. Remember that movie “Zombieland”? If that paranoid dude says double tap. Double tap. Don’t get all stingy with your ammo. And always stick to that sentimental cowboy; give him the last Twinkie (or Twiggie in our country).

8. If there’s a sudden zombie outbreak and it has caught you off guard and empty handed, hide in the drain! Zombie hordes won’t think of looking there, but watch out for infected animals! x__X

Like this post? Feel free to comment on what you will do when zombies strike!

Monday, May 28, 2012

3 Types of Girls Who Turn Men Off

Yes, girls. We think it’s time for us to put on our little advice hat and show you lonely souls out there what guys think!

Most of the time, girls would think they’re pretty sexy when doing guy-ish stuff, such as playing video games, running around in jersey and shorts, calling each other ‘dude’. Sure, it can be pretty neat for a guy if they can find a girl who can relate to their hobbies, but what do they REALLY think about it?

Girls also tend to be advice ‘gurus’. Guys dig that. Guys who aren’t your boyfriends that is. SO, in the end, what is it the guys like and dislike?

FRET NO MORE. This post will show you 3 types of girls that guys will most probably dislike. Avoid these signs and you’re good to go!

(Disclaimer: May or may not be true. HAHAHAHA)

The Chatter Box

It’s time to talk less and listen more. A girl who can’t stop talking only goes in one direction, the wrong one. Men prefer to be listened to, not to listen to their girlfriends talk all day. So, it’s time to put that summary lesson you did for English in secondary school to use. Learn your important points and say necessary stuff yo!

A wise person once said, “If you have nothing better to say, then don’t say anything at all.” :P

Creepy Girl Next Door

This goes to those who CAN’T STOP STARING. A girl who stares at him making sandwiches, a girl who stares at him exercising, a girl who stares at him driving, what’s next? Stare at him while he takes a dump? NO. STOP STARING. You’re creeping the guy out, unless he enjoys a hobby of staring too. Don’t be creepy, be pretty.

Last but not least, the winner:


Okay. Look at this picture.

Enough said.

It's normal to have hair, yes it is. But it's not normal to flaunt it. Lol.

So guys, what do you think? ;)

Snow White Doesn't Just Sing and Eat Poisonous Apples ;)

Said to be released on the 1st of June 2012, the movie “Snow White and the Huntsman” will be gracing theaters near you with the cast of Kristen Stewart *let’s hope we don’t see another Bella alright? Fingers crossed!* as Snow White

And Chris Hemsworth *who played the sexy God of thunder, Thor in Marvel’s The Avengers. Drools…* as the Huntsman.

Before the list of confirmed cast was announced, the producers actually had lesser-known actress choices in mind, some names like Riley Keough, Felicity Jones, Bella Heathcote, Alicia Vikander and Rachel Maxwell was mentioned. In the end, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning (both former casts from Twilight) were short listed for the role.

As for the handsome huntsman, you guys will never expect who this role was first offered to~ It was Johnny Depp! And when he declined, the producer’s 2nd choice was none other than Viggo Mortensen. Can you imagine if either one of them had accepted this role, it’s gonna be either Edward Scissorhands/ Mad Hatter/ Sweeny Todd or Aragorn training Snow White to battle the evil queen? Indefinitely, Aragorn sounds like the more feasible choice anyway…hmm…

What’s to be expected of this movie you ask? Well, this story is NOT a sugar coated love story full of dancing animals and sing-a-long songs like we have all watched and loved during our early years with Disney cartoons.

Looking at the trailer itself, something more dark and forbidding is to be expected. There is also a little tweak in the story line where the huntsman who plays a very minor role in the original story has been upgraded to be one of the main characters in the plot where he captures her, but changes his mind in handing her over to the castle guards and trains her in the art of battle to challenge the evil queen (Charlize Theron) as rightful successor to the kingdom.

Even 90% of polls in are excited and anticipating to watch this show. What say you? ;)