Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ordinary Superheroes

When you mention 'superheroes', DC-Comics-slash-Marvel-related superheroes automatically pop into mind. But let me tell you something, young 'uns: there's so much more to superheroes than those found in comics and graphic novels (and for the love of Unicorns, superheroes do not necessarily need to have super-powers!) So, forget about the man in the weird-looking bat-suit or the jolly angry green giant or even the man who has an 'S' sewn to his costume and who wears his undies funny. Think more along the lines of...

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David Dunn (from Unbreakable) - When we first meet David, he is a security guard whose marriage is crumbling and is the sole survivor of a train wreck...who comes out of it unscathed. Along with the protagonist (played by Bruce Willis), we later learn that David has amazing resilience to physical injuries, has extraordinary strength, heightened instincts and ESP. How's that for a security guard, huh?

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Alejandro Murrieta (from The Mask of Zorro & The Legend of Zorro) - A common thief whom the original Zorro had taken under his wings to train as his protege, Alejandro lives in the era of Mexican peasants and commoners in Las Californias. Zorro is easily recognizable in his all-black attire with his face hidden by a black bandanna or eye mask and is often accompanied by his arsenal of swords, pistols and whip.

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Mindy Macready (from Kick Ass) - Known to the world as Hit Girl, the eleven-year-old Mindy whose alter ego is a trash-talking, potty-mouthed pre-teen killing machine decked out in a purple wig, mask and kilt. Raised by her father to become a fully-trained assassin, she also slices and dices the baddies with ease and glee and leaves a trail of bullet casings and body parts wherever she goes.

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Dr. Peyton Westlake (from Darkman) - Peyton is a scientist who is developing a new kind of synthetic designed to aid burn victims. An explosion at the lab caused severe injuries on his face and when he is taken to the hospital, he is given radical treatment that resulted in his losing of tactile sensation and the ability to feel pain. The treatment also gave him enhanced strength and made him a wee bit cuckoo.

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Cliff Secord (from The Rocketeer) - Cliff is a stunt pilot who accidentally comes into the possession of a rocket-propelled backpack much coveted by the Nazis that enables him to be a high-flying masked hero. With the aid of his mechanic friend he gets it up and running, but his heroic escapades attracts the attention of the FBI as well as a gang of Nazi spies who intend to get their hands on the backpack.

So you see, be it security guard, Spanish-thief-turned-Mexican-hero, foul-mouthed, purple-haired girl, cuckoo masked scientist or macho stunt pilot from pre-WW2, the world loves them all the same  (:

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