Thursday, December 9, 2010

Taylor Swift, Finally Off The Market?

The soon to be 21 year old country singer, Taylor Swift has had a pretty rocky year this year in terms of love. Throughout the year, there has been frequent rumors regarding Swift's love life.

First off, there was British actor, Toby Hemingway who appeared in her music video 'Mine'.

Then, there was actor Coby Menteith from Glee.

And now, Jake Gyllenhaal??!!

The two of them have been spotted spending Thanksgiving together with Gyllenhaal's family in Brooklyn.

When Gyllenhaal was confronted by the media, regarding the swirling rumors about a relationship with the young starlet, the 29 year old actor smiled.

Could it be that Taylor Swift has started a new "love story" with Gyllenhaal?

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