Monday, July 7, 2014

Instagram Accounts Food Lovers Should Follow In 2014

Always looking for inspiration on what to eat or make for the day? As we are all Instagram lovers by the mid of 2014, below are a bunch of Instagram Accounts we think you should follow to get your dose of delicious looking food:

1. @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie

Girl from Singapore and an advocate for a healthy, nourished lifestyle. Her account is loaded with posts of food that will make you wish you can bake/cook them yourself.

Follow her if: You’re into excruciatingly well-decorated dishes.
Any non-foodie posts? Nope, her account is dedicated to food only.

2. @blisssedout

A vegan homemaker with an Instagram account packed with beautiful food posts.

Follow her if: You’re a die-hard foodie and are prepared to make recipes from scratch.
Any non-foodie posts? Several, but still somewhat related to food.

3. @food52

This account aims to help people become better, smarter, and happier cooks. It features recipes, articles about food, and an active user community. Its Instagram is filled with goodies the founders and their followers are cooking.

Follow her if: You’re looking for inspirations.
Any non-foodie posts? The occasional picture of the team and beautiful plants.

4. @topwithcinnamon

At only 18, Izy Hossack runs a successful food blog called Top with Cinnamon from her flat in London.

Follow her if: You're into carefully planned mess and mouth-watering food.
Any non-foodie posts? 
The occasional self portrait and scenery.

5. @mmmoky_

18 and from Rome, Moky is fond of everything nature and creativity related. She also loves to nourish her body with plant based foods.

Follow her if: You’re into vegan food and wooden countertops.
Any non-foodie posts? The occasional self portrait and scenery.

6. @holy_cacao

A healthy dessert crusader with an obsession towards banana ice-cream and cacao. She will inspire you to wake up earlier every morning just to prepare a breakfast just like hers.

Follow her if: You’re a cacao + banana fan and prepared to make recipes from scratch.
Any non-foodie posts? Rare, it's always about food with her posts.

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