Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Remembering The Old Days

For most of us born around the 1990s, I personally think, compared to the generation born today, have had one of the best childhoods ever!

I can be quite old fashioned at times and I don’t fancy change, no matter what form it may come in. I personally feel sad when looking at children nowadays. I see seven year olds with iPads , iPhones and Facebook accounts. Where is their childhood? Because of advanced technology, many parents these days bring their kids along the rise on gadgets and electronics that contribute to making lives easier but lazier.

These kids are missing out on simple childhood pleasures – getting wet in the rain, getting dirty in sand or mud, falling down from chasing one another, pulling out grass from the garden and possibly attempting to eat it, or grabbing worms (Eww!) Okay, I’ve never done the worms but, I think childhood 10 years ago and more was, awesome!

I used to play with my Cinderella castle with my dad. We would create dialogues and change the original story, like making the Fairy Godmother the villain. I remember playing ‘guli’ (marbles) outside the house. Dad would line them up and we had to hit them, my memory is vague. My family used to go outside to play badminton in parks, and take slow walks around the housing area. Or with friends, we used to pretend we were hunters in the jungle, or conducting a talk show, or imagine we were spies investigating a murder in school. Remember the days of the ‘rotan.’

What do kids do these days? I wonder. They’re either on the TV playing some advanced graphic game or engrossing themselves with the iPhone or iPad, probably playing Angry Birds. Come on, peeps! Those phones and gadgets need a break and we need to reconnect! Let’s balance and avoid spoiling young kids with expensive gadgets. I think the most expensive gift I got was probably a Barbie Doll worth RM40, max. ;)


[Credits to Marissa M.]

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