Thursday, June 26, 2014

Myth Buster

Gen Y's “Because we can!” Attitude

We are always accused of being lazy, distracted and messy! Well I think it's high time that we set the record straight and put it out there once and for all. WE LOVE BALANCE!

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

We may be many things people assume we are, but not being goal orientated is not one of them.  Us Gen Y’s are very much risk takers, we have this certain drive in us that gives us a push and suddenly (JENG…JENG…JENG…) we can conquer the world! Our confidence is beyond our employer’s, lectures and parent’s expectation, which I must admit can be our downfall too. We love to look for things that are beyond our ability and try hard to reach it. Although some days we get it and most days... we don’t.

ME, Myself and I

YES WE ARE SELFISH AND ARROGANT! Wipe that smirk off your face. This comes with that confidence we uphold. We know exactly what we want and how to get it. Since our parents are baby boomers, we were exposed to formally structured and unprecedented education and events. Now, stop giving the stare! You know for a fact that we were spoilt with an array of choices of education facilities and tech savvy gadgets. We are blessed with new selections of growing thingamajigs’ technologies that we just can’t get enough. Hence the more we OWN the more  EGOISTIC we get!

Fly High

We grew up in an era where terrorist were crashing planes and Tsunami was our greatest fear, but that didn't break us down! In fact, it made us optimistic instead towards the future. Henceforth, here comes the term… YOLO! Gen Y’ers are positive souls who believes in RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS with pink sparkles! (no we are not constantly high and stuff).  Global events have moulded us into believing to enjoy the moment that applies to our personal lives. We settle for simpler jobs despite its lesser pay, in return for a better and flexi life which means... VACATION BABY!!!

Goodbye Work, Hello Life!

We may be brave, hopping from job to job fearlessly. However, without a doubt we are still focused on our financial security. Having watched our parents live through the crash of the economy, we have certainly stepped up our game and found new ways to milk out every benefit that we can get out from our employers. In layman’s term WE WORK TO LIVE, NOT LIVE TO WORK!

In Trend

We are called the Peter Pan Generation behind our backs (It’s on Wikipedia ok!) and honestly we don’t really care. Because no matter how much you complain, you can't get rid of us since you'll be needing us sooner or later (Muahahaha…). Thus, if you can’t get rid of us, might as well just accept the fact that we are all evolving with a Hipster philosophy, sippin' on coffee and wearing flip-flops and jeans to work. YOLO EVERYBODY!

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