Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Jeans

Traditional methods work yo'!
Often, when it is due to do my laundry, I scourge for stuffs in my closet, wash-basket, chair, and basically any clothes I can find lying in my room - to be washed. And very, very likely, my jeans will be the first to be dumped inside to machine. Regardless of the times that I wore them, I always had this thought that jeans need to be washed and scrubbed.

Up until when I exchanged my 'laundry-stories' with a college friend, and told her how frequent I was my jeans, she, (with a horror-stricken face) actually forbade me to NOT wash my jeans and that jeans should NOT be placed in dryer in order to maintain the fabric's color and quality. (That explains why I had to buy new jeans every now and then!).

Anyway, I recently came across an eco-campaign video by Levi's reaching out to the public and educating buyers about how frequent washing is unnecessary. The video encourages us denim users to wash our jeans less, by washing them on average once every two weeks. The Waterless project tells us how much water we can save by washing or jeans less frequently and that it is not necessary to over wash them. At the same time, Levi's brand building a better product: Water<Less jeans "that reduces our water usage by an average of 28% per pair--and up to 96% for some styles". Water<Less products have actually saved 4.92 million liters to date!

So I went round in MYC! office, and asked a few of them on how often they wash their jeans. 

1. Kelvin and Saif, wash their jeans after " two times wearing it".
2. Prosperity claims that she washed her jeans on average of once a month. 
3. Emileen washes her jeans at least twice a month. 
4. Our beloved CEO-Editor Jason, sends his jeans to the laundry once in two weeks - but claims to have six pairs of jeans. Hmm..you do the math. 
5. When I asked Edmund he immediately responded: "Jeans are not supposed to be washed!" - in other words, Mr. Edmund has never washed his jeans before! 
6. Last but not least, Ellyse and I do not own a pair of jeans - like seriously (shorts and 3/4 doesn't count...not within this scope of topic though *snickers*).

So just take note, you don't need to wash your jeans too many times. Wear as often as you can before washing them. When you buy a new pair of jeans, you should wear it long enough so that the denim material will conform to your body shape. Many pairs of jeans are actually quite delicate so washing them often will only ruin them! And you also contribute in saving water and energy!

You can watch the video here and if you want to know more about the Levi's Water<Less Campaign hop on to their official website

If you wanna know how you can contribute to saving the environment, start by washing your jeans a lil' more lesser!

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