Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Animal Within - Your 2011 Zodiac Unleashed by our "Fortune Teller Extraordinaire"

by Wesley Goh

From the day that we’re born, we’re affiliated to one out of twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac, but do we actually know the true of the animal within us? If you do, it’s good for you. Even if you don’t, no worries, cos’ we’re here to tell you what’s within your ‘animal within’!

Among the animals that people hate the most. But in the zodiac, Rats are people with good creativity and imagination. They are also good problem solvers, and are respected for their resourcefulness. Rats love to save when money is scarce, but they’ll spend like crazy when they have a lot. Now we know that most billionaires might be born in the year of the Rat.

People born in the year of the Ox are not ambitious, and have affection to selected friends of theirs, and they’re trustworthy, honest, and are good listeners. A gentle reminder, though they’re kind, but kindness still has its limits, so don’t anger an Ox. If not, believe me, the price to pay is something that you don’t want to know (evil grin.)

RAWWRRR!! Enter the Tiger. People born in this year are independent and courageous. Tigers are hardworking, always energetic, ambitious, and observant because they see every single chance is an opportunity for them. They are most likely to be successful in sales and personal management. Just watch out for their short temper and you shall be fine.

What’s up Doc? Bugs Bunny in the house! The Rabbit is among the 12 that has the most positive elements. Rabbits are affectionate, talented, clear-sighted (so no specs for them?), confident, and they’re good planners. They are also humble, willing to give away leadership to the better people. In relationships, Rabbits are very attractive to the opposite sex, maybe because they’re adorable like real rabbits? You decide.

The flying member among the 12, Dragons are gifted with good leadership qualities, and are strong, decisive, brave and opinionated. Some Dragons are quite bad-tempered and arrogant, so just watch out when they start showing signs of ‘breathing fire’ and you’re good to go.

The quick-witted Snakes are known for their intelligence and passion. Their curiosity and ability to gather information efficiently suggests a good future for them in academics and research.  On the other hand, their inability to accept changes, and the tendency to double-deal makes them feared by others (just like the typical impression of snakes huh?)  Note: 
Snake girls are known for all these, with the bonus of beauty. So watch out.

On the serious side, Horses are hardworking, tenacious and loyal. They are talkative, and they like people to flood them with opinions. Also, Horses are experts of socializing, so to all Horses out there, go look for your closest PR firm and apply for a job there! Just make sure you’re confident enough.

THE GOAT/RAM/SHEEP (you name it)
Non-judgmental to others, people born in this year are favoured candidates as close friends. They are confident, and protective of the weak. Their innate artistic talents make them excellent prospects within this field, especially music and 
crafting. They believe in justice, though sometimes this could cause problems.

Monkeys are original thinkers, practical, curious, observant, and friendly. Oh, they’re also humorous too. In general, they’re versatile and perform well in almost anything. Although sometimes these qualities may lead them to arrogance and eventually trouble, but it is also these qualities that solves the problem.

The Rooster fights boldly when facing against its adversaries and the same goes to those that are born in this year. They will uphold their right without hesitation and are highly principled in life. In work, Roosters are alert, and pays attention to details. Just a slight problem, sometimes they are too reckless when trying to solve something.

They’re our most loyal companion. Those born in this year are trustworthy, compassionate and always ready to give aid. If they see you as a trustworthy friend as well, they will not hesitate to stand by your side. If you can stand with the materialistic attitude of certain Dogs, they’ll be a good friend of you. Just don’t treat them like a real dog in return.

Unlike the real ones, those born in the year of the Pig are not as lazy as you know. In fact, they’re courageous, independent, and will keep friends for life. They’ll have a good career in fields such as nursing and counselling, where their concern about others will become apparent. Just be careful not to fall so easily to financial traps. 

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