Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where to Buy Shoes Online

When talking about fashion, we will never forget to mention the designer’s shoes, which are always the hot items for girls. However, not every one of us could afford this kind of luxurious items (not all of us are born with a silver spoon! ). In this case, we could always go for the alternative which is the designer inspired heels that are much more affordable. Don’t worry, they look as gorgeous as the real ones!
For those who are not too keen on designer heels, we also have recommended sites for you, offering all sorts of styles and designs. Drool on! 

This blogshop has quite a lot of pretty cool shoes, many of them are celebrity inspired. Price ranging from RM160 – RM170. Click here to check out for more lovely shoes.

2. THE RED HEELS (http://my-redheels.blogspot.com/)
You may also find some other designer inspired shoes like Christian Louboutin, YSL and Alexander McQueen from the red heels.

3. LE CLOTHES (Pre order) (http://leclothespo.blogspot.com/)
Please note that most of the shoes from this blogshop are pre-order. Click here for more info!

 4. KISS & TELL (http://kissandtellshoes.blogspot.com)
Kiss and tell heels are specially imported from South Korea and the price is ranging from RM120-RM162. Check out this site for more shoes!

5. Wonderful World of Shoes (http://www.wonderfulworldofshoes.blogspot.com) This is the newest blogshop selling pre-order shoes in Malaysia, catering to your every taste. Classy, playful, designer-inspired or casual, they have every types of shoes for everyone! psst: the Hello Kitty flats below are so cute! 

These are just a few online shops that we have stumbled upon, and we thought might interest you. Do you have any more online shops selling shoes in mind?  : )

Note to owners of the photos / blogs, if you wish for your product images to be removed, kindly let us know


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