Monday, September 26, 2011

Beware of What You Eat!

Some are blessed with the uncanny ability to consume (and probably digest) anything – may it be succulent meat or cold steel, and unfortunately, some do not. Allergies get into the way. 

This post is a tribute to my fallen comrade, who unfortunately, had to discover this through the harder way. (hint: it involves food being eaten) She's now swelling up like a pink scarlet balloon.

Here’s a informative list of commonly found foods that people have been allergic too – and the potential reactions you can expect if you’re allergic! 

·         Garlic!
Reactions are mostly skin related! You could possibly start shedding your outer skin layers (like a snake), or develop rashes all over. In more severe cases, anaphylaxis. 


·         Milk!
Sufferers are usually allergic to a particular protein found in cow’s milk (alpha S1-casein) – means they can still drink milk from other animals. In general however, milk allergy stems from milk that originates from animals. Anaphylaxis is commonly the reaction stemming from milk allergy. 

·         Fruit!
Apparently, you can be allergic to fruits too! Reactions could possibly include mild itching and rash breakouts to blisters at point of oral contact. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be a pleasant experience – especially if you’re a messy eater.

·         MSG!
MSG is probably the 2nd most used component in Malaysian food after Good Taste. There are reported cases of people being allergic to this – and their symptoms are neurological. No, they don’t suffer sudden personality changes. MSG Allergy can be identified by sudden onsets of extreme headaches/cluster headaches.

·         Peanut + Shellfish
I branded these two under the same category as they both come in shells. And the side effects of accidentally consuming these could be rather bad. They can range from: ridiculously itchy rashes, to swelling of the joints and random parts of the body – to anaphylaxis that potentially results in.. well, you know. 

 So dear readers, i wish you the best of luck, and hope you give it an extra thought the next time before you put each spoonful of food into your mouth! 

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