Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Jars

It's the time of the year when shopping malls are packed with people shopping for Christmas presents. There is a buzz of excitement in the air, and Christmas songs play from the speakers. Twinkling lights and heavily-decorated Christmas trees, foam reindeers and Santa figurines complete the magical Christmas experience (alas, though - there is STILL NO SNOW)  *grumpy*

Not a lot of people would understand that Christmas means more than just getting pressies - it is also a time for family, for giving, and for setting aside differences to make a change. Found below is a story I find so heartwarming I went "awwwww...". Thought it would be interesting to share!

"I remember as a young boy I was living in a poor suburban neighbourhood as a foster child. Lost in the system of child services and forced to spend lots of time alone. I would often wander the different neighborhoods on my own and offer to help rake a yard, mow a lawn, or wash some walls in exchange for some pocket money just to buy some school clothes or candy.  
I will never forget this one time I knocked on the door of this elderly woman and asked if she needed her leaves raked in the yard. She asked why I was not in school and I showed her my torn pants and the soles of my shoes, which were worn and no longer keeping my feet warm and protected. She allowed me to work in the yard for pretty much that entire day, feeding me lunch and not saying much of anything, and when I was finished I knocked on her door and  she looked at me.  'I suppose you want to be paid now,'she said. 
'Yes ma'am I do.' 
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She asked what my fee was. I had not thought about this, how much I could make, I was just excited about the opportunity, even as a small child.  She said, 'Well come inside,' and then she reached high above the refrigerator and into the cupboard and pulled out this big jar filled with dollar bills of every denomination.  My eyes could not believe it.   
She said, 'Now you've done a fine job today and although you missed some school which is very important, that is not something you should be doing again, I want you to buy some pants and new shoes and get back in school.  I also want you to come back and visit me with your report card and I will reward you when I see you have worked hard and have some good marks. Now reach in with both your hands and take out as much as you can.' 
I reached in and grabbed so much money I could not believe it for myself. It was enough for me to buy those shoes I needed, two pairs of pants, and also a new shirt. I returned several times to see the woman in the corner house and yes she did just as she promised. She looked at my report card and gave me a handful of dollars and a sandwich every time I showed her I had an "A" or "B", and over the next couple of years she continued to be this positive influence in my life as brief as it was and I never knew her name."

So, there you go; be inspired by the spirit of kindness and sharing and keep the ball rolling!

*For the full story go here:*

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