Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All Hail Comic Villains!

Admit it, we all love our heroes, with all their superpowers, grandeur and skin-tight suits. Still, we are here to pay homage to the unspoken characters that existed to make the heroes look oh-so-splendidly goodTHE VILLAINS! Here’s our take on why they’re equally awesome and what would happen if they used their powers for good!

Megatron (Transformers)

The evil robotic shape-shifting Megatron held Shia LeBeouf like a little fly in the movie. Already in existence for gazillions years, this cannon blasting villain delves deep into evil schemes to destroy the world. His troops are called The Decepticons, and like their names, they’re as evil and destructive as ever!

What if he turns good?
Are you kidding me? He would definitely overtake Optimus who, let’s face it, is kind of a softie. Megatron can use his cannon blasters to blast the bejeezus outta other villains!
Didja know?
Though he’s recognizable in his jet form, the original version sees him as a Walther P38 pistol.

The Joker (Batman)

“Why So Serious?” Heath Ledger left while making that line his legacy. With his wicked Glasgow smile, the psychotic clown was the one who adamantly fights Batman in many occasions! All this and he doesn’t have super powers! He kills people for fun, toys with Batman

What if he turns good?
The world will be a happier place…really! Look out Patch Adams! Since The Joker is really crazy and really funny, he may do well as a stand-up comedian or maybe an extreme park proprietor? Either that or he’ll end our misery for us, and the population will die in smiles.
Didja know?
The Joker was reportedly (so far) to have killed 2,000 people! Yet he always manages to get away from death sentences by the reason of insanity.

Venom (Spiderman)

Snakes may slither, but the Venom can do it better! The non-solid formed liquid villain is Spiderman’s arch enemy, and depends on a human host for it to gain a full form. The more hateful the human host is, the stronger Venom gets. Unfortunately for our friendly neighborhood Spiderman, Venom seemed to take a liking for him as human host. Imagine if Venom gets hold of Magneto! All hell will break loose!

What if he turns good?
He can possess convicts and make them help the blind cross streets or pick up trash in the community. Better still, they can take over the bodies of terrorist leaders and make them surrender! Genius!
Didja know?
The venom may seem indestructible, but it is vulnerable to loud noises such as the clanging of church bells!

Magneto (X Men)

His power involves generating magnetic fields and control existing magnetic fields, which the megalomaniac does with precision and power with a wide range of effects. The X Men’s arch rival has no limits to his powers, even levitating buildings and objects in his deluded defense for the Brotherhood of Mutants. Heck, he’s even got Wolverine in a bind!

What if he turns good?
He can stop world destruction! No more asteroids heading towards earth, and no more Godzilla or King Kong climbing up our building and cities! He can even stop torpedoes and bombs! Somebody make him World President!
Didja know?
The limit to his power is unknown, but previous challenges had shown off his limitless powers but the current occasion where his strength really shows is when he uses his to power to move asteroids!

YOU can be a HERO too!
You may not dodge speeding bullets or leap over buildings, but you can be a hero in your own right too!
ü  Be an environmental hero! Do your bit to save the environment!
ü  Always be helpful at all time, and you can be your own neighborhood hero
ü  Make a difference in the world, or with the people around you
ü  Be true to yourself and never forget where you come from
ü  Always make sure you lead an honest life
ü  Never be afraid to stand up for what is right
ü  A hero is always humble and never boast though he could have
ü  Self-improvement is always needed to be a better version of yourself!

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