Wednesday, April 20, 2011

HAIR SOS: Hair Tips!

Dream of that lovely shiny hair that makes all girls go green with envy? Now, you can have them in a jiffy! Here are a few tips to share:

If you have FINE HAIR

A shampoo that has wheat proteins and polymers as ingredients will coat the hair shaft and make it appear thicker and smoother. Make full use of volumizers as they’re light enough to deposit a light mist of shine in droplets on the hair without wilting it.

If your have NORMAL HAIR

Shampoos with silk amino acids are your best friend as they add softness and repairs the hair structure from within. Also, check out shampoo with Lecithin to restore the hair’s textures. To add more shine without the excessive weight, you can opt for gels and creams, but remember to lightly pat them over your head only.


You may have the most stubborn of hair, but use it to your advantage by using shine enhancers made from old-fashioned pomades. They not only work to deliver the shiny, smooth hair, but also helps moisturizes your dry, frizzy ends.

Strawberry Hair Mask for extra shine!
1)     Mash eight strawberries together with one tablespoon of mayonnaise.
2)     Wash your hair and massage the mixture into your hair.
3)     Cover with a shower cap, and then a warm towel. Wait for 10 minutes.
4)     Wash out the combination and the mix rich or acidic berries will leave your hair both conditioned and with rich gloss.


Washing may be something that we do almost naturally, but what we always forget is that our individual strands of hair are very delicate. Here is a step-by-step guide on the right way of washing the lovely locks…
1)     Comb out the tangles before wetting so that it wouldn’t worsen once it’s wet.

2)     Wet hair thoroughly. The best would be to wet with warm water to open the cuticles and wash all the oil and dirt off.
3)     Pour a dollop a shampoo in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and then apply to scalp. Applying to the ends will dry your hair’s ends and cause it to weaken and split. Don’t tangle your hair on top of your head.
4)     Rinse the shampoo off. More often than not, shampoo for the second time for the shampoo to treat the hair. This time, let the shampoo sit in for a couple of minutes.
5)     Rinse completely with cold water to close the cuticles and adds shine to your hair.
6)     To get rid of excess water, squeeze the water out. Do not pull or tug as hair is most delicate when it’s soaked.
7)     Apply a dollop of conditioner and put it along the hairline, nape and ends of hair. Pile your hair inside a shower cap and let it sit for 10 minutes.

8)     Rinse it off completely again with cold water to close the cuticles. Use gentle strokes of your fingertips to get rid of excess conditioner.


1)     Hair is composed of 50.65% carbon, 20.85% oxygen, 17.14% nitrogen, 6.36% hydrogen and 5.0% sulfur.
2)     Darker hair contains higher levels of carbon than blonde hair.
3)     Hair grows approximately 1.5 inch per month. Hair growth occurs fastest between the ages 15 and 30, and grows faster on women.
4)     Hair is shed on a daily basis, up to 150 hairs per day.
5)     The number of hairs on the head vary with the hair’s natural color. Redheads have about 90,000, Black around 108,000, Brown 140,000 and blondes not only have more fun, they have more hair of up to 140,000.
6)     Dry hair can stretch up to one fifth of its length before breaking. Wet hair can stretch up to 40% - 50% its length.
7)     Ask your stylist to color your canities and trim off your trichoptilosis. Canities is the technical term for grey hair and trichoptilosis is for split ends.
8)     Hair is as strong as aluminum as it can hold one third of its weight in absorbed moisture. If all the hair on your head were woven into a rope, it could support suspended weight up to 2,000 pounds.
9)     Grey hair is the result of your hair no longer producing melanin.
10)  Drinking lots of water can prevent your hair from looking dull, limp or oily.
11)  Pulling out 1 grey hair doesn’t cause 7 to grow back. It will however cause damage to the root, preventing any other hair to grow back.
12)  Do not have your hair permed, colored, cut or styled during your period as the high levels of estrogen may cause the outcome to be less than expected.

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