Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let’s Get Serious About… Attracting the Opposite Sex

Let’s face it, not everyone has Justin Timberlake-type game. Some of us even find it hard talking to friends of the opposite sex let alone trying to flirt with that cute guy/girl at the bar. Don’t worry; let the resident Casanovas at MYC! be your wingmen (or women) and spruce up your game a little..

For The Ladies!
  • Be positive
A positive demeanour goes beyond just walking and talking positively. Just enjoy being you. Men are more attracted to women who actually enjoy their life, and not count the calories in your salad. However, if you do get that first date, don’t drone on and on about how you enjoy life (blah, blah, blah...).
  • Get noticed.
How is a guy going to fall for you if he doesn’t even notice you! What you wear and the way you look is also important. Trust, me a well dressed lady never goes un-noticed.
  • Be approachable.
Guys are weary around women who look defensive and intimidating (Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned after all). Flash a smile, loosen up and bait him to come talk to you and soon you have him eating out of your hand!
  • Be an apple-polisher Throw him a compliment.
Everyone likes compliments and guys are no different (we like to hear how awesome we are)… just make sure you’re genuine about it. Contrary to popular belief, men can sense insincerity.
  • Establish a common interest.
He’s approached you and small talk had been exchanged. Now establish a common ground - music, dance or even your ever-growing Robert Pattinson poster collection. Establishing a common interest allows him to feel comfortable around you, immediately earning you brownie points.

For The Dudes!
  • Dress to impress.
No girl is going to give a second look at your tattered t-shirts and never-been-washed jeans (no matter how much you argue it’s vintage). We’re asking you to dress well, but keep the penguin suits in the fridge where it belongs…and oh, run a comb through your hair.
  • Make the first move.
There is a fair amount of chivalry in approaching the lady first. Forget the pick-up lines, those are cheesy. Just say hi and be confident about it. Ladies like a confident gentleman.
  • Be charming.
Having a sense of humour is usually the best way to attract a lady. Charm her, compliment her and make her laugh. You’ll find that it really does go a long way. But…..
  • Don’t be desperate.
Don’t try too hard. That’ll just tick her off. Make a couple of jokes and if you don’t get a response, just play it cool. It’s time for you to do some damage management and move on…
  • Don’t buy her affection.
Giving a gift to that girl you like in class the first time is sweet. The hundredth gift, now that’s just annoying. Instead of just buying her stuff, make her something, learn the guitar and sing her a song or prepare lunch for her. Something money can’t buy is always more impressive!

Guys, you need all the help you can get…
Women are hard to read, but here are some stuff they don’t tell you…
ü  They like the chase…you chasing them
ü  Things that are “OK” are probably just fine (not awesome)
ü  We WANT you to have your “guy time”
ü  You can’t brag to your friends about them, but they can tell theirs about you
ü  Though they say it’s  for “your own good”, they want you to dress well to make them look good

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