Monday, November 22, 2010

How to Dress Like Blair Waldorf

Whenever you are in doubt, or skeptical of your fashion sense; whenever you are headed towards any forms of fashion faux pas; or when you are in need of little bit of fashion education, get yourself locked down for a night in on Friday nights for an episode of Gossip Girl. Queen B and her 'so-called-minions' may just guide you into their whimsical world of fashion donned with exaggerated headbands, bright tights, tailored suits, designer jackets, and the like. Yes, you may also get some pointers from Serena Van der Woodsen, who is said having a style that is inspired by Kate Moss, that is if you like a mixture of boho chic and vintage styles. And yes, we shall not forget Jenny Humphrey, Vanessa Abrams and the oh-so-classy Lily Bass (or should I say Humphrey).
But today, let us study our very first exhibit: Blair Waldorf. The challenge? To incorporate B's styles into the Malaysian environment (so you won't look like you are trying too hard) - be it campus, work, parties, or casual shopping. Just follow these simple rules, and you are own your way to be the B's minions!

1. Headbands, headbands, headbands
If you don't even have these accessories to begin with, don't even think that you can pull of the rest! I personally adore Blair for her signature hair accessories! From big red bows, to bright yellow bands, to exquisite chic pieces, even berets, Blair can definitely make one huge fashion statement!

2. Tights
Yes, it is hot and humid outside, but it is no excuse to not wear a pair of tights or pantyhose if you want to dress like Blair! One thing's for sure: B almost never wears any dresses or skirts, without tights. Tights and pantyhose are cheap. You can get good ones for less than RM30!

3. Dresses and Skirts
In the 3rd Season of Gossip Girl, I notice that Blair loves wearing classy, A-lined pencil-skirts and dresses. I find these pieces clean, simple, and extremely classy. She wears these with tights or bare legs, either way, she goes all the way up on my score chart. You don't need to splurge on designer dresses, you can definitely find affordable ones at Forever 21, Treats, Seed, MNG or even Sungei Wang!

4. Tailored Cuts
Blair is all about being the perfect example of a classy high school queen. In the first two seasons, you may realize how often Blair wears 'uniform-style' tops. Safe and simple, collared tee and blazer matched with a skirt is probably the most appropriate college dressing if you miss wearing your school uniforms.

5. Bright Colors
Blair's styles are always daring and unique and one of it being her continuous experiments with bright, eye-popping colors. So if you want to dress like Blair, make sure that you have too, enjoy experimenting with colors. Wear bright red tights, or yellow headbands but make sure these colors make-up only ten percent of your outfit if you really want to make a statement!

6. Bags
If there is one thing I learnt: Bags are the most important accessories to invest in (apart from shoes)! Do it like Blair, by matching your outfit from super-sized bags (to keep your books and notes) to small pouches.
My favorites are Michelangelo, if you are into splurging, Paris Hilton, and Zara. But you will be fine with Charles & Keith, Pierre Cardin, Vincci Accessories if you want something affordable but that feels and looks like a million ringgit.

7. Coats
Yes yes I know. Serena and the rest of the stars cover themselves in warm, furry coats too, but none of them could pull it off like Blairs does. Malaysia is not exactly the perfect place to show off trendy coats but, hey, there's no harm pushing it jussstt a little, right?

If you have any more ideas on how to "Blair-It-Up" feel free to drop your thoughts and share with us! Till then, I will be keep you posted on the rest of the GG stars!

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  1. I love this, I don't live in Malaysia but I find Blair's style so inspiring!