Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let’s Get Serious About Online Shopping!

Online shopping is slowly catching up in our country especially among teenagers, youths, and young adults. As much as you think you may know about the perils of online shopping, don’t be surprised if you are caught off guard with a crappy purchase one of these days if you don’t follow our guides to online shopping.

Infamous Stories about Online Shopping
Before you start saying you don’t need any tips to shop online, read the following stories of boo- boos on online shopping first.
(source : “Slap Me Why Don’t You” and “Night Owl Says”)

Story 1: Did my dress size change overnight?

Customer A ordered a dress from Blogshop A. When they met up for COD (Cash on Delivery), Customer A took the seller’s word that the dress is a size L. However, when Customer A tried it on, she couldn’t even get it pass her head! And Customer A couldn’t get her money back as “Goods sold are not returnable” according to Blogshop A’s terms and conditions.

Moral of the story: Always request for the measurements before purchasing anything online!

Story 2: Hello, not everyone has asymmetrical feet like you!

Customer B ordered a pair of shoes from Blogshop B. The whole transaction went smoothly until Customer B received and tried on the shoes.
The right side fits perfectly but she couldn’t fit her left foot into the shoe! She emailed the seller who told her the famous phrase, “Goods sold are not returnable”.

Moral of the story: Always request for the in-sole measurement of BOTH sides of the pair of shoes.

Story 3: PROMOTION: Buy 1 T-shirt, Free 1 Boyfriend!

Blogshop C’s owner had a COD scheduled with a customer but couldn’t make it at the last minute. Thus, she asked her boyfriend to help her to pass the item to her customer (Customer C). When they met for COD, it was raining heavily and Blogshop C’s boyfriend (BF C) asked Customer C if she could give him a lift to the nearest shopping centre (BF C took a lift from his friend to get to the COD location).

Customer C and BF C ended up going for a movie, dinner, and he even took her home to meet his father! Customer C wrote about this online and received criticisms from the online community for being a boyfriend snatcher! This story is now a well-known tale among avid online shoppers.

Moral of the story: Sellers, do not send your BFs out for CODs. Buyers, do not gloat online if you do not want to be labelled as a boyfriend snatcher (and other ^#%@ names)

Top 10 Tips & Tricks for shopping online

1. Do not submit your order form if your order is not 100% confirmed. Most online sellers advise their customers to email them instead if they have any enquiries.

2. Always ask for measurements if it is not provided on the website. Something labelled as size S may not be the size S you are looking for.

3. Always keep a receipt after making payment. If the seller claims to not have received your payment, you would have proof.

4. For pre-order clothes from Taiwan and China, always order from reputable blogshops (especially those that have been around for a long time).

5. Always scour around the blogosphere before committing to a purchase as you may find a better deal in another website. (However, if the item you want is non-restockable, I would advise you to make payment as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.)

6. It would be good to visit websites such as Night Owl Says @ www.nightowlsays.blogspot.com to find out if the blogshop you are intending to buy from is a reputable one.

7. Many people may not do this, but it is best to read all the terms and conditions before buying from a website.

8. When requesting a seller to restock an item, do take note of how long the process might take before making payment.

9. Always ask for a picture of the real item if the picture in the website is a modelled picture.

10. If you intend to buy items from the US, make sure you get better deals by ordering from reputable Malaysian Online Shopping Shipping website like KULShopper @ http://www.dyumean.blogspot.com or VS Hub @ https://www.vshub.com/hotpicks/

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