Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time To Get Serious About... Last-Minute Studying

You jerk awake, you find yourself sleeping with a textbook for a pillow, the cleaning lady looking at you quizzically. Your exam is only an hour away and you can’t remember a thing from your little cram session last night. Sound familiar? As students we’re always faced with exams and if you’re like me, usually studying is not on the top of your priorities. 

Here is the basic 101 to last-minute studying, from yours truly… 

1. When studying last-minute, make sure that you leave no other distractions to bother you during the study period. Remove all the other distractions (It’s hard I know). The only thing that should be on your mind is studying. .

2. Prepare your essential tools for studying. By this I mean, get that cup of strong black coffee ready, or that nice long tube of ‘Mentos’. Most times an iPod and music always works.

3. Now, make sure you start with the harder topics. It’ll take more time for you to understand these topics before you move on to the easy ones. No lecturer’s going to quiz you on the easy bits anyway (they’re all out to get you!).

4. Get some past year examination papers for practice. Past year exams basically give you a rough idea on what to expect during the exams. Knowing your enemy is half the battle

5. If you still have problems studying by yourself, call for backup! Studying with a friend is a great way to revise especially if that friend is one who pays attention in class. Having a study partner who knows what he/she is doing definitely helps!

6. Be a teacher’s pet! Carry their files, and help them with the projectors. How is this, a study tip? Easy: if you’re in the lecturer’s good graces, they may offer you tips to help you study and even some last minute assistance

7. Get enough rest. You’re not going to pass an exam snoozing on your exam desk. Get enough rest and wake up earlier instead, to continue your revision before the exam.

8. Remember: stuffing your head full of new information right before your exams will just leave you confused during the exam. Stop studying half-an-hour before the exam to give your mind some time to let the information set in.

       Must-Have List for Crunch Time!
  •  Enough stationary – you never wanna run out of lead for your mechanical pencil
  •  Batteries for your calculator
  •  Lots of scribble paper (you’re going to need them for your doodles)
  •  A small distraction (we recommend Rubik’s cube or past seasons of FRIENDS)
  •  Your phone to SMS your friends – “omg @ chptr8 nw. 3 more 2go then its zzzz 4me!”
  •  Your study buddy – it can be your annoying brother or even your puppy
  •  An alarm clock set strategically to every hour to wake you up just in case you doze off
  •  Snacks that can feed a 3rd world country…you need the sugar!
  •  Some rockin’ CDs that definitely will not put you to sleep!
  •  Printed out lyrics just in case you wanna singalong to the tracks

Disclaimer: We at MYC do not condone last-minute studying (although most of us do it anyway) and even though this guide will help you absorb more information during your last-minute cramming sessions, it does not guarantee you an ‘A’ or even that you pass for that matte.

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