Monday, November 8, 2010

Ipad VS Samsung Galaxy

I wanna have both so that i look way cool:) But still, if i have to choose, which one will it be? 

Top10 comments!

1. Ipad have a slightly bigger screen but if compare with Samsung Galaxy, it feels like a COPYCAT

2. Samsung Galaxy have 512mb RAM yet Ipad only have 256mb ( yet Apple OS is much smoother)

3. Samsung Galaxy have 2 camera, front and back ( you can C2C all you one)

4. Ipad's games and apps are more fun and interesting and Itunes keeps the quality of the apps

5. Ipad can play up to 10hours of video playback ( Samsung Galaxy only 7hours)

6. Samsung Galaxy allow user to have unrestricted access to applications (Ipad have a lot of restrictions to user)

7. Ipad does not allow multitasking with apps and games (this suck)

8. Samsung Galaxy support Adobe Flash, means you can view more websites

9. Samsung Galaxy is actually a phone, you can make calls and use loudspeakers.

10. Samsung Galaxy allow 3G and wireless with the same price (Pay extra for 3G for Ipad)

I still stick with Ipad because of the quality of the games and apps

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