Thursday, August 4, 2011


Those who'd watched American Beauty would know where this is heading. In the movie, one character tells of the most beautiful imagery he'd ever filmed: a random plastic bag dancing in the wind (the video can be found here)

This is not a plastic bag post.
What this is really about is handbags. Whether they are the size of a chihuahua's head or the size of a junkyard, bags have always been a favourite for women (right next to shoes, that is).

However, every now and then, we do come across some odd ones that make you cringe and think "what were those people thinking?" Here are some of the wackier ones I've came across on the internet:

Creepy, no? If you haven't had it figured out by now, this is a dead cat, hogtied to a stick.
Photo taken from here.

Toad Purse, anybody? Can you imagine putting this over your shoulder? *ribbit*
Photo taken from here.

I initially thought it to be a stuffed carcass of some very unfortunate dog, but this is actually a Louis Vuitton bag *shudders*
Photo taken from here.
I just couldn't resist including this Judith Leiber crystal parrot bag  :)
Photo taken from here.

Now this one is just plain creepy. Like we Malaysians don't have enough abandoned babies on the street, here's one in the form of a handbag as well (photo taken from here)

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