Monday, August 22, 2011

A Local Guide to Creepy What-nots

So, when hearing horror stories from your friends (either around the campfire sharing s'mores or at the mamak going through glasses of teh tarik), surely you tend to get a lot of advice about what to do and what not to do. Of course, there are some silly ones, but still, they kinda make sense when you take a minute to think about them. Well, here's five of my favorite eerie do's and don'ts, although I claim no knowledge of their origins.

P/S: This is supposed to be a fun article - I'm not seeking to make fun of anybody's beliefs or religions. Ergo, if you're feeling a bit pantang talking about ghosties and what-nots, JUST MOVE ON ALREADY. 

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  1. Now here's something you hear a lot - don't stand at the corner of the lift. Apparently it is said that spirits like to lurk there (this is exemplified in various horror movies regardless Western or Asian. Imagine this: some poor unsuspecting soul enters the lift and presses the button. Then (s)he sees, from her/his peripheral vision, a dark shadow - usually the apparition of a long-haired woman in white or a child bouncing a ball or an old couple who bare their gums at you).
  2. This is for the Chinese people out there who subscribe to the practices associated with the Hungry Ghost Festival (this is a lengthier and more formal way of saying 'celebrating the Hungry Ghost Festival'; the last time I used the word 'celebrating' alongside the said festival, a friend retorted "it's not a happy occasion, thus not a celebration"). So anyway, it is said that once you start offering food during this day you will need to keep up with it. They say that the same spirits would come looking for you again the following year. 
  3. Karak Highway, the place of many eerie sightings. Some people claim that the so-called sightings are merely products of one's overworked imagination and all that, but some are convinced that the highway's really haunted. The verdict, I'd say, is still out there. But just to be on a safe side, make sure your phone's battery is always fully/half-charged and make sure your car's in tip-top condition.
  4. If you hear anything odd when you're alone (either at home or at the office), do not call out or even worse, ask "is anybody there?" It is said that the spirits might be just horsing around and by calling out you're actually acknowledging their existence and in the process, they would only be too happy to keep bugging you.
  5. When you drive along a lonely road at night, don't stop to pick up beautiful ladies dressed in white (for obvious reasons). Ladies, even if the man at the roadside is a hottie, stopping the car is not advisable. 

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